Solar Panel Installation

Upgrading your home to solar energy is the equivalent of taking two cars off the road or planting 4,000 trees. It’s a mart move for the environment. But solar panels are also smart for your budget, saving you thousands of dollars every year.

Deimira Paa Baidoo Solar Panel Installation in Calgary offers residential solar. With decades of experience in eco-friendly housing, we can help your home go green with competitive installation costs that will save money up front and over the next decades. Get a free estimate for solar installation by filling out the contact form.

Our Process for Installing Your Custom Solar Panels

Many homes in Calgary are suited to solar energy, but every home is different and requires a customized plan. We create solar panel arrays that are designed to your home’s specifications to enable you to get the most out of solar.

We also have multiple options depending on your needs. For example, we can incorporate solar batteries into your home’s energy plan for those that want to store energy for use during low production times. We can arrange to sell energy back to the electrical grid if your area allows it, and other solutions for efficiency and affordability.

From start to finish, our solar panel installation process entails:

  • Consultation – We begin by visiting your home to check location, roof layout and materials, shading, and your energy usage. These factors and others help us determine if your home is a good fit for solar, how many panels you will need. We also discuss pricing at this stage.
  • Solar Array Design – Our technicians design a solar array for your roof that uses the right number of solar panels and the correct placement to meet your energy requirements. We also consider your design preferences to create an array that is low profile and flows with the design of your home.
  • Permits – We can take care of any approvals or permits needed to install your solar system. Our experience in local solar design means we know exactly which details are required.
  • Installation – Our team of skilled technicians come to your home for installation. We review the plans once more before installing panels, inverters, and other electrical components. At most homes, this process can be completed in a day.
  • Inspection – A final inspection confirms that installation was completed correctly and your system is ready for service.
  • Energization – In the final step, your system is turned on. Your solar panels will now be converting sunlight into electricity for your home and you will begin to see your other utility costs drop.

Throughout the process, we can assist with any questions or concerns. Our solar panel experts will guide you through the right decisions for your home and energy needs, let you know what to expect during installation and over the next years, and share any information you need regarding how solar works.

Our local base in Calgary means we are also familiar with any incentives and local costs. We can ensure you are getting the best price for solar installation.

Residential Solar Power with Top Quality Performance

Deimira Paa Baidoo solar installation . We prioritize meeting our customers’ needs with transparent service and suggestions. We only offer the solar equipment you need and are up front with our recommendations. While we are experts in solar energy, we trust you to know the needs for your home best.

Our solar panel installation is one of the best alternative energy solutions in Calgary. We have:

  • Science-backed positioning for optimal power production.
  • Custom design for a low profile appearance at your home.
  • High quality solar panels and components built to last.
  • Guaranteed service to make converting to solar worry-free.

We have worked with residential solar paneling almost from the beginning and our knowledge has evolved along with the industry. We also have focused on eco-friendly design work here in Calgary. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to install solar panels at your home, as well as to serve as your resource for industry knowledge.

Go Solar Today with Our Solar Installation

Installing solar panels at your home is an exciting process and one filled with questions. We are here to answer those questions and are always able to share more about the science and benefits of solar power. When you’re ready to start the process with a free quote, send us a message through the contact form.